How to automate the installation of HTTP certificates on XCode 7

Few months ago, I wrote a Ruby gem named iostrust to automate the installation of trusted certificate on the different iOS simulators.

This is really helpful when you have a development process that includes continuous integration.
In our case, we perform some tests with calabash each time someone commits to git and before starting the tests, we reset the simulator. As we are using HTTP pinning, we need to find a way to install automatically the certificates within the simulators.

iostrust does not work with XCode 7 anymore. I spent some time to find a solution.

I first wanted to follow the same strategy (see [previous post]({% post_url 2015-04-26-certificate-pinning-ios-simulators %})) but I seemed to be really complex.

I noticed then that using the Accessibility API on OSX was giving access to the UI elements of the simulator and that it was possible to interact with them.

With this remarks plus some commands to launch/close the simulator application, I wrote a small Swift program named simcert that should solve the problem on XCode 7.


One .pkg file and some instructions are available on GitHub